Full of holes like a diplomatic limosene
    And red on the inside,
    Getting sick and tired of hearing Irish jokes
    This is a bad taste attack

    Nobody knows how loud that scream was
    Nobody knows how lous that dream was,

    In a balaclava
    On an escalator

    Down on wheels like a movie soundtrack
    Makes Monty Python
    Look like comedy
    Painting messages on walls about nervousness
    This is a correct goose

    Nobody knows how loud that scream was
    Nobody knows how loud that dream was
  • Here are the words from the new album , Country Tree, plus some chord charts.
  • song lyrics
  • On the Album Jabber and Hoot
  • not a song yet but the lyrical seed...
  • from the Album Jabber and Hoot .Thanks to Chris Knox for invaluable advice, assistance and production.
    Recorded at ward/Knox residence aug 1991.Listen at myspace/otismace
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  • These words are featured in an international promotional campagn for PHANTOM BILLSTICKERS. 13th Head.
  • An odd, mordant love song. Listen at
  • a dark and dire tale of milk powder murder
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  • This song now available on Two Black Cats EP .Recorded at Halcrow Studios . Out on Powertool records
  • This is on QUICK Drums by Ross Burge.
  • This is another one inspired by Jen Brennon (thanks for the sweety!)For some pics taken thru an octoscope see the Gallery page
  • This song is on QUICK Yo from the Sceaming MeMes played drums, SAra Franks bvs Dave Major on bass.
  • This song is on the album QUICK. Drumby the amazing Ross Burge. All other instruments and vocals : Otis Mace
  • This is on QUICK Drums by Ross Burge.
  • Bass ,Dave Major Drums , Yoh ,BVs Sara Franks, Guitar Vocals Otis Mace
    From the Album ,QUICK
  • Special thanks to Jen Brennan for this one She insisted that i write it and told me about the guy who she met at an RSA( returned Services Association social club)buy now!!!
    and apologies to real Doc Death for fictionalising a song about him
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