Horrorshow Blues

Well I'm a vampire for ya baby
 And my teeth are long and sharp
Don't you go out tonight baby
Stay home and stab me in the heart
The heart the heart the...

Well I'm a were-wolf for ya honey
Howlin' at the midnight moon
Get ya silver bullets ready
'Case I break into ya room
Your room your....

'Cause I'm a zombie for ya baby
And I crave some living flesh
You could be just what I need baby
'Cause you look so young and fresh
So fresh so....

Well, You're cast adrift from humanity
You're far superior to me
Well ya lips are blue and your eyes are red
There's a cloud of cold air
Around your head
Your victims go back a thousand years
But their screams are fresh
Upon your ears
Vampire vampire please return
With your lips so cruel and your eyes that burn
Vampire vampire I love you
When you make me do those things you do
Vampire vampire my heart's on fire
But a stranger's blood is your desire

Got a monster for ya baby
Hairy scary big and bold
Gonna turn ya to stone baby
Every hour till I get old
so old

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