Dirty Coward Angel

It came to me
Whispered in my ear through drunken yellowed teeth
Told me things that no one ought to hear
Showed me places no one ought to see

That dirty coward angel

That angel kicked me in the mud and turned and mocked me
But still I followed like a dog
We heard the shrieks of some dieing beast
It took that sound and tied it in a noose to cast a shadow in the dust
We followed the shadow down a dismal road

That dirty coward angel

That angel told me;
"Step on a crack
Walk under ladders
 Live under glass
 Throw stones
Line up them bottles
And knock 'em down"

That dirty coward angel

That angel whispered in my ear through puffy lips
Sweet tales of gold and ambergris
Of riches fit to rot your dreams
Pointed to a spot
 Gave me a pick
That angel whispered ...
Dig ......

How to swing a pick
To break what's already broken
That dirty coward angel
Left me with this token
A discount, surplus, desecrated grave
And now I lay me down to sleep
That dirty coward angel.

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