Pick Me

Parted lips
Look so dark
 In the first wash of early hours
 Was that you blowing on my ear that woke me?
 The fever soon returns
And all that sweating leaves us parched
Sure you're thirsty too
But I gulp down the first glass
You're lying on top of me
 And waving your arm

 Pick me...Pick Me... Pick Me...

 The way you fit the curve of my arm
 The way your smooth cheeks fill my palms
The you can wind me up
Way past the point of pain
What's the point in saying...
Pick Me....?

 Now the days have gone for weeks and two cities lie between us
Your heat has left my body but your heat still invades my dreams
Just like the first sight of the whole of you
Makes me weep and whisper in the dark

Pick me....Pick me .... pick me....

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