What Ever Happened to Doctor Death?

It's a sunny seaside town
In southern Bay Of Plenty
And he's a big big man
Works at the RSA
 Morning noon and night he
Cooks short order fries
And he used to be a wrestler
On the telly every week,

When he climbed into the ring
 All the punters held their breath
Now does anybody wonder
What ever happened to Doctor Death?

 Well he's staring at the hot plate and he almost burns some bacon
And he hopes they like it crispy
And he's think'in 'bout his old friend Roy
Who talked so loud and lispy
Roy used to be this big time lover
A regular show business tag team groupey
Now he walks into a room
And all the wrestlers hold their breath
And all he has to say as he looks around is
'What ever happened to Doctor Death?'

So he loves his wife and kids now and the oldest one's at school
And sure the job gets boring but they like that steady money
And sometimes on a slow day he's dreaming of the glory
 And it seems so long ago now just like some one else's story

 He used to be this big time bruiser
 A regular show-business tag team bad guy
Now he climbs into thier bed
And his wife holds her breath
 And all she has to say is ...
'I know what happened to Doctor Death
 I know what happened to Doctor Death
 I know what happened to Doctor Death'

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