Zazz and the Monster

It's got Bethoven's ears and Eienstien's eyes
King Kong's dong and the engine from the Titanic
It's stomping around and it's ugly and mean
And it only eats sugar and pvc

"Honey ya gotta keep quiet
Ya gotta calm down
We're in a strange town and the sun's going  down
It was only a dream so
Don't be so loud
You'll be upsetting the neigbours and this is
A great place to stay so  don't go spoiling it OK?"

"But I saw it I tell ya!
It was right over there
and now its hiding in a pile of old underware
and it's laughing at us and
it's biding it's time
do you have to go out again? If you stay I'll be fine"

"Listen; I've got to go visit this guy cause it's not safe to phone
I knew we should have left those mushrooms alone
How about a cup of tea
Or what about a beer?
Once I've got rid of this stuff we can
Get the hell outta here
We can go over to Sydney
Or maybe Dunedin
God it's crazy enough just doin' what I do
How'd I ever hook up with
A crazy like you?
I should have listened to David
You're just way too young
But we can't go back now
We're both on the run
My mates think it was me that dobded them in
And your mum wants me dead
Oh baby it's all too much lets...
Lets go back to bed

Ok; I'll be back in two hours
With a whole lotta cash
We'll get some good whiskey
We'll have a bash
Tomorrow we'll head to Sydney,
Tomorrow we'll go to Dunedin
Oh Zazz Oh Zazz
Where'd ya ever get a name like

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