The Room Turns

We were sitting around a table

It was a dinner party or something

I said"we can face this round the other way"

And we pushed the room


Earlier I saw a friend of mine

On the way to a show

He was carrying some speakers or something

I thought they looked like mine

This house sits on a platter

You can turn it this way and that

Its not easy

But if you push real hard

You could turn this room around

I slept one night in an old playhouse

In a room full of old shoes

It smelled of old shoes too

It wasnt so bad that room

I suppose it must have been a costume department

When I woke up from those dreams

And I started up my day

I couldnt shake the memories

Of those peculiar dreams

It was never any good to tell you

About my strange nocturnal places

Those nightly scraping landscapes

And murky hews

Never really did it for you

They never fit into

Your chromium plated

Forward sweeping run-around

But maybe I could turn you around

Or whats say you just stay put?

And I will


This room


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