The Mouse that Ate The Moon

The mouse that ate the moon A bitter pill All kinds of different everything They usually eat all kinds of moon rock Stuck between the teeth And if you see one in ya kitchen and ya wanna kill it you'd better be quick Cause they are pretty fast with the ol escape routien But this beast ladies and gentlemen The one that lies behind this very curtain Now too fat for a speedy getaway This rapaciuos rhodent Not an omnivour oh no Not a carnivour or a hebivour But a Lunivourous pest The mouse that ate the moon Roll Up Roll Up ladires and gentlemen for behind these curtains On the this very stage behind me A voracious rhodent We Have for your entertainment The One The only, the increadiblre, now ineadible the obese, Mouse that ate the moon Now I see some of you here who are a bit (how shall we put it?) Long in the tooth Perhaps can remember a A time in your youth the moon It waxed and wained, It went away, but it always came back again Who can remember a time When the moon was Full in the sky Like a big Cream Pie That tasty treat Ripe for a mouse to eat The barker takes a pause Goes behind a screen has a little toot As a lurid banner unfirls roll up roll up and see All dressed up in a three piece suit The rat that ate the world! (exerp)

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