Comes from a gas station on a hot afternoon
You eat all the chocolate
You drive off like a hoon
There's a blue plastic capsule
 It's a little bit sticky
 But inside there's an octocscope
With full assembly instructions

 You put it together it doesn't take long
And when you look through it you get
Eight extra pairs of lips
Forty extra fingers on a hand
Look at a watch make time fly
 Endagered speicies
 Just multiply...

A dead rat in a jar sealed up tight and left in the sun
Just use the octoscope; you got enough for everyone
 Look at all those breasts - look at all those thighs
Just can't believe my thirty-two eyes
Just can't believe my Kinder surprise

Well.... I took you to this party where hardly anyone showed
 Looked in the mirror - got an instant crowd
You're never alone,with Kinder surprise
Take under the water
 Or into the skies
 Look at a painting or your shopping supplies

 But.... Don't look at roaches and don't look at cops
 Piles of dirty dishes should be avoided at all costs
 Look at all those bands look at all that TV
 We're running towards Just you and me

She bought it for me on that hot afternoon
We ate all the chocolate we went to the moon
 There's a blue plastic capsule,it's a little bit sticky
 But inside there's an octoscope with full assembly instructions....
 Kinder Surprise...........................!

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