We were at her great aunt's wedding

She had a hard case sense of humour and long brown hair

We did some dishes the next day

We were fighting with the tea towel

She was skiting 'bout her boyfriend and how good she was at kissing
and that stuff

We had a swim in the river

And her eyes were so deep and her body was so sleek

I fell right in

I could show her how to splash fight in the swiftly flowing water

And I didn't think I ought to do much else

And she told me 'bout her dancing and her troubles with her parents

And she flirted something cronic and looked amazing

So one more swim in the river

And the day was so hot and I asked her for a kiss

That's what I got

I fell right in to those lovely hazel eyes

I fell right in much to my surprise

So it's later on that day-we dropped her off at her place

And we stopped a while and chatted and drank tea

And she showed me her room-then she took me out the back

Down the garden pathway to the creek

And we looked down at the water

It was so clear and so quiet

And I asked her for a kiss-that's what I got

It was soon time to leave- we had to drive back to Auckland

So we said all our goodbyes and drove away

But it was great meeting Mary

She made me feel so fine

If only we'd had more time, well never mind.

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