Fit Tuck Ridge


Fit Tuck  Ridge

Going up to fit tuck ridge

Gonna have a real fine time

Gonna get some flames and get some fire

In a loved up frying slime

'Aint no sense in counting chickens or

Or torching some ol' bridge

Cause the only thing that's worth a  damn

Is up on fit tuck ridge

Now the only thing a rambler needs

Is a valley and a  hill

But don't get lost up fit tuck ridge

Without your iron pills

So you're waiting on a string of pearls

And you're waiting for the rain

Cause once you're up on fit tuck ridge

  You won't feel no pain

Way down on fit tuck ridge

Over on fit tuck

Up on fit tuck ridge

Some keep their cookies in a cookie jar

And a pizza in the fridge

But ain't no flavour can compare

To the honey on fit tuck ridge

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