The Queen's Knickers

The Queen's boxers and
 Her kick boxers
She gets her kicks
On clause 666
Her twisted nicks
Her deathly fix
A hair shirt
Made in the country of her birth
Livery and girth
A pack of Corgis
Tearing up the earth
A quick lick
Of a shooting stick
And all in the nick

 In the Queen's knickers

A lick of the lips
And a cruel snicker
As the life flickers
 From a cute litter
Of a cub scout den mother's mucker upper
All in the name of The Queen's knickers

Elasticized support
For a blood sport
And a distraction from the
Headless corpse
Par for the course
Of an "GOOD OIL FOR SALE'' sticker
And all in the name of The Queen's knickers.

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