Goodbye Normal Gene

They don't know
Which ways up
Oh Sure They can tinker
Sure they can re-jig
 Sure sign of a thinker
Who doesn't give a fig
So now you go figure
A toxin free strain
Science for profit and science for gain
The farmers get sick
And their families get sicker
You don't read all that
On some bumper sticker
A recombinant species
 In faded blue genes
A transgenic, cross-pollinated
Disaster machine
An eco accident
In a plastic cup
eed it to ya piggies
Bring home the bacon
nd throw it back up
Lost in a maze
Of high tech jargon
I read it in a magazine
Scientifically enlarged profits
And an enlarged spleen
Fiddle faddle
Science fiction death trap
Techno-babble bum rap

Cows eat grass (innit?)
Worms turn again and again
But don't go holding that salmon
Too close to a naked flame
Ya got a round-up resistant News item
And ya broccoli smells of fish
Ya got stir fried sheep's brains
 In a rusty satellite dish

Goodbye normal gene
She was quite a dish
She had a lot of gumption
Now she just lies there
Six feet under
Unfit for human consumption
She baked up four and twenty Lobbyists
In the back pocket of a corporate grant
 A wheezy tweedy greedy fiction
With an asthmatic pant
One more legislative blunder
One more guilt edged invitation
For corporate plunder
Just another cabinet back handed
Backbench cocked up chunder
Is it any wonder?
What rock are they gonna crawl under?
And hide
When a stunted warped and itchy horde
Rises like the tide And says !
''We've got bones to pick with you!
 '' No more short sighted transnational Destruction
 Yes folks it's Guy Fawkes' mutant offspring
In spontaneous combustion.

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