Reid Fleming (The worlds toughest milkman)

He?s short and fat and kinda ugly
Not the sort you? want to grow up to be
But he drives that milk truck like a train
He's got superhuman strength and he feels no pain
He's got a girlfriend called Lena Toast
She's the queen of the daytime soaps
 And he'll dump all his milk on your friends settee
So he can finish his rounds before half past three
So he doesn't miss his favourite show
The 'Horrors of Ivan' on the TV
 Reid Fleming, swigging whiskey
Driving real fast and feeling frisky
He boots that truck like an old tin can
He's the world toughest milkman
He wouldn't be caught dead in a toupee
He's got a great line in repartee
An asteroid landed on his home
 It missed him by minutes but it got his enemies

 Shut up! back of ya head's showing! My dogs will kill your dog!

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