A Kiss On the Back of the Neck

I know I'm 'sposed to blame my self
And that's just what I did
For getting in too deep too quick
And keeping my feelings hid
That time when I was shaving and you just snuck up behind
You kissed my neck so poignantly
And a shiver ran down my spine

It was a kiss on the back of my neck

 I should have stopped and turned right round and
Asked you your position
If only all those years ago
I'd trusted my intuition
But I hid behind my shaving cream
I didn't budge an inch
That kiss was such a warning sign
but I didn't even flinch

It was a kiss on the back of my neck

But that kiss was never just a kiss
I felt my hackles rise
And even now the memory
Takes me by such sad surprise

 Well they say the first cut is always the deepest and you sure cut me so deeply
But of course you weren't the first and of course I Helped you hold the slice

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